Yèn Cruet Bottle

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Topped with a silicon & stainless-steel pourer, this clear glass cruet is a classic in European kitchens. Keep it by the stove for cooking, or at the table for dressing salad greens or finishing foods with a dash of olive oil.

  • Tight fitting, food grade silicone cap seals the spout so that oxygen does not spoil the oil.
  • Large, wide mouth bottle allows for an easy, no spill refill without using a funnel. The large opening also makes it easier to wash with bottle brush.
  • Use it to drizzle olive oil or vinegar onto salads. Controlled flow spout allows just the right amount of oil to be poured every time for cooking.
  • Made by Borosilicate Glass.
  • 85mm x 85mm x 180mm (3.3" x 3.3" x 7.1").
  • 282g (9.95oz).
  • Capacity 250ml (8.45oz).


  • Hand-wash recommended.

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