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Della Table Lamp


Della table lamp is a beautiful and modern table lamp with an amazing LED and comes in a collapsible mode where you can push it to become a normal LED lantern, to lights up the room and it's great for outdoors.

The lamp design pays tribute to the artist Lucio Fontana, focused on the spatial qualities of sculpture with breaking through two-dimensionality of the traditional picture plane. Della table lamp is a stylish collapsible lantern lamp, it's beautiful and perfect for home decor. It delivers incredible utility and style within its compact frame, it is elegant and charming.

  • Romantic table lamp design.
  • Press the lamp softly and switch on the light.
  • Portable rechargeable desk lamp with mobility light source and can be used indoors and outdoors.
    • Lamp body in PU leather.
    • 90mm x 280mm (3.5" x 11").
    • 650g (22.9oz).
    • Built-in LED light source in warm white.
    • Built-in recharge battery, USB interface charging.
    • Battery capacity 1800mAh.
    CARE & USE


    • Wipe lamp using a soft, dry cloth.
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasives, as they may damage the finish.


    • Hold the lamp on hands, press the top to switch on and press second time to switch off the light.
    • Della table lamp can use as table lamp, night lamp, portable lamp, wall lamp & hanging lamp.
    • Recommended to charge 3-6 hours for first time use, 2 hours charge for subsequent use.

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