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Bling Vacuum Flask Warmer


Bling is a Japanese designed of flask that comes with a beautiful of color series. A premium flask with a warmer function by using USB. Its fast warming mechanism, allows every users to enjoy warm in any moments. After charging, just add in the normal cold water, shake awhile with 3 seconds, it will warm the temperature immediately, cold or hot is in your hand now. Knows the temperature of the waters just by a touch on the cover surface, it protect your lip from scalding.

It made of strong 304 stainless steel, PP, rubber and food grade silica gel to make sure it to keep warm up to 24 hours. These materials are resist to acid, base and corrosion. It comes with a caring design of handle allows your fingers to fit in without taking a lot of tension. The cover is a sealed design with a circulate rubber, don't worry on leaking, it is leakproof and you can even put it in your bag. It is also a easy twist design, allows user open the cover easily. A smooth surface, dirt hard to stick on it. An anti-slip rubber is attached below the flask, maximize the flask into a anti-slip flask.

It is designed in 70mm diameter, suitable for most of the car cup holder, allows it to be a mobile flask. You can even charges the flask in your car, it is using USB, safe and secure. Only a 10W of warming, with one charge, you are able to use up to 3 days and with a 10kmAh of power bank, you can warm your hands for 6 hours, a good winter partner. Besides, the charging port is cover by a rubber protector, waterproof and dustproof, to extend the quality and product life.

Lastly,  comes with five wonderful colors
Green: natural, life, hope
Red: festive, love, kind
White: pure, simple, elegant
Pink: gentle, soft, girlish
Yellow: vigorous, happy, sweet

Enjoy every sip of your hot drinks, your winter partner. Bling Bling now.

  • Material: 304 stainless steel, PP, rubber, food grade silica gel
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 165mm (2.76" x 2.76" x 6.50")
  • Weight: 320g (11.29oz)
  • Flask volume: 320ml
  • Temperature display
  • Input voltage: Heating by using DC 5.0V by USB 
  • Package: Warmer vacuum flask, USB cable

1. Do not shake the cup violently when you just put in hot water, so as to prevent the temperature of the cup from rising rapidly.
2. Flask should not be filled with boiling water, there is a risk of overflow and scalding.
3. Shall not be used for long-term storage of dairy products or infant food. It is not microwavable and do not try to put it in oven or any other heating equipment.
4. Do not use clean it with dishwasher.


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