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Elliano Foldable Bread Slicer


The bread slicer is designed to hold the loaf steady while cutting through it with a broad slicing knife. The bread slicer adjusts fast to fit four different types of slices. Simply adjust the thickness of the slicing board to your preference, and you'll have evenly cut slices every time. The built-in crumb catching tray captures all fallen crumbs after each slice, keeping your kitchen tidy. It's ideal for quick cleanup or having fresh breadcrumbs on hand for your next meal.

  • Handmade with 100% superior quality bamboo material.
  • Bamboo material which naturally contains an anti-bacterial agent.
  • Foldable slicer holder for easy housekeeping.
  • Bread crumb catching tray as also a serving tray.
  • Clear lacquer finish.
    • Made by bamboo.
    • 318mm x 241mm x 64mm (12.5" x 9.5 x 2.5").
    • 1300g (45.86oz).
    CARE & USE


    • Clean with damp cloth.


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