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Shueho Cat Spice Grinder


Friendly feline spice grinder is a delightful addition to your kitchen countertop. Sculpture features a contrasting white head that twists to grind. The best kitty is a cute conversation piece to display on your dining room.

  • Body is sculpted of hard, strong and high shock resistance premiere species of North American ashes.
  • Perfect for salt and pepper use.
  • Ceramic grinder instead of stainless steel due to the toughness for grinding the peppercorn and corrosion-resistant for grinding salt.
  • Artwork makes an interesting housewarming gift for any cat-loving chef!
    • Made by white ash wood, ceramic & 304 stainless steel.
    • 174mm x 55mm (6.9" x 2.2").
    • 227g (8.01oz).
    CARE & USE


    • Wipe clean with damp cloth or mild soap on a sponge. Wipe dry.


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