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Gixie Clock


Gixie Glock is a RGB version of tube clock. By using the RGB LED technology of tube clock having the advantages of longer lifetime, lower voltage and power compare to old version of tube clock as well as the LED having the ability to change your desired color.

Its tube is made of glass. Bottom of the tube is installed with a magnetic adsorption design, allows it to stick into the panel quick and stable. The advantage of the magnetic design are you are able to experience an automatic adsorption, safe and only stick when the polarity is correct, no worry on the reverse of polarity. Its body is made of North America Black Walnut tree woods, a hard wood, fine surface, good stability and corrosion free of body.

A 7 light mode with million color are install in the panel. Just press the buttons to change your desired color. Let us not limit ourselves, let live in a wonderful color.

Operation methods (From left to right button):
3rd button: Setting
i. One press - On/Sleep
ii. Double press - Light mode setting
iii. Hold press - Time setting

1st and 2nd button: +/- 
i. During light mode: Long press 1st or 2nd to change light mode, normal one press to change desired color.
ii. During time mode: press 1st and 2nd button for time adjustments.

  • Material: High quality black walnut wood, Alloy, metal, glass
  • Dimensions: 259mm x 110mm x 50mm (10.20" x 4.33" x 1.97")
  • Weight: 590g (20.81oz)
  • Power: 5W
  • Specification:
    • 7 light mode
    • 16 million RGB
  • Input Voltage: 5.0V/1.0A by USB
  • Package: G Nixie Clock, USB cable

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