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EMITDOOG Celestial Zodiac Wall Clock


This is a 12 inches Celestial Zodiac Nordic minimalist wall clock, the clock body made of environmental friendly forescolor MDF with 2 walnut wooden clock hands. The idea is telling the time, date and season is governed and calculated by the astronomy 12 Zodiac surround the center of the celestial world, the middle acrylic is acts as the sun of our solar system, the plate below is the solar system, the wall clock hands is the one who govern the 12 hours time.

The wall clock is made to be a celestial minimalist clock, the white surface with the digital font of the Arabic numeral at the outermost ring of the clock, the seconds and minutes is clearly shown as minor and major dots. The clock is filled with a layer of highly transparent glass with the black piano metal material for the clock border. The wall clocks comes with 4 different acrylic color, silver, yellow, cornflower blue and aquamarine green.

In order to be the best environmental friendly wall clock in your sweet living room, office, restaurant or bedroom. It is made of forescolor MDF materials for the clock face allows the clock to be heat resistant and anti-corrosion as well as the wall clock is attached with the most interesting acrylic Celestial Zodiac plate and clock hands. This is a mute clock that allows its owner to enjoy the cozy, silent and clean environment.

  • Material: Piano metal for clock border, Eco Forescolor medium density fibreboard (MDF), ABS, glass, acrylic for clock hands
  • Diameter: 300mm x 5mm x 300mm(11.81" x 0.20" x 11.81")
  • Weight: 700g (24.69oz)
  • Display: Arabic numeral as hours, dots as seconds or minutes
  • Movement type: Quartz
  • Input Voltage: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Package include: EMITDOOG Celestial Zodiac Wall Clock

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