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Sorrento Double-Wall French Press


Our insulated French press brews great coffee right at the table, then keeps it warm at your leisure for sipping. The press is simple to use, made of robust double-walled glass. Sorrento builds the modern rounded form, body-shaped like flask re-interprets the unique glass-in-glass technology. 

  • High clarity borosilicate glass presents clean display. Simple to use and easy cleaning.
  • Insulated double-walled glass.
  • Large loop handle for easy carrying and pouring.
  • Constructed of heat-resistant borosilicate.
  • Best coffee serving for 3 to maximum 5 people.
  • Made by borosilicate glass, wood & stainless steel.
  • Size:
    350ml: 133mm x 75mm x 170mm (5.2" x 3.0" x 6.7"),
    600ml: 160mm x 92mm x 193mm (6.3" x 3.6" x 7.6").
  • Weight:
    350ml: 820g (28.92oz),
    600ml: 920g (32.45oz).
  • Capacity:
    350ml (11.83oz),
    600ml (20.29oz).


  • Hand-wash.


  • Just heat water to the optimum temperature for brewing, then pour over coarsely ground beans and allow the coffee to steep. 
  • The press filters out the coffee grounds as you force down on the plunger, creating a full-bodied brew with rich flavor and aroma.
  • Do not place directly on stove as it can shatter the glass. 
  • Do not use with metal spoons, which can chip the glass beaker.

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