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LED Dimmable Illuminated Graphic Light Panel Board

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Do you remember old school animators drawing and they had stacks of paper on the lit-up contraptions that helped them see what they had previously drawn?

They were using light-box and while these days, most animation is done by using computer, some design professionals still prefer light-box to transfer their drawings and sketches to a physical medium for presentations. 

  • Compact design in A4 size, 8mm thickness, convenient to carry around, can be used to read in a low-light condition.
  • Eye-protecting and non-flicking LED light pad with smaller light holes, good for eyes especially working for long hours.
  • Adjustable ten level brightness, press the button to switch according to your demand
  • Light can pass through 300 grams watercolor paper.
  • Light color temperature around 6500k ~ 7000k.
  • Powered by 2m USB cable, easy to access to any USB port like computer, laptop, power adapter, power bank, etc.
  • Ideal for sketching, drawing, 2D animation, practice calligraphy, clothing design, diamond painting, etc; best gift for artists, animators, designers, art enthusiasts, children, students.
      • Outer Frame Size: 255mm x 345mm x 8mm (10" x 13.6" x 0.3")
      • Internal Drawing Size: 215mm x 300mm (8.5" x 11.8")
      • Weight: Approx. 850g (30oz)
      • Not suitable for children under 5 years old. For use under adult supervision.


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