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Alsace Hansi Wine Glass


The traditional green-footed Alsace wine glass has a small round belly and the mouth is slightly closed. The glass is shorter than the normal wine glass, but it is conducive to the concentrated aroma.

Hand-painted folk dolls dance on the wall of the glass to make all the wines that meet it lively by Hansi, a well-known cartoonist in Alsace who experienced World War I and World War II. The lively little people wearing traditional costumes are always Alsace's most representative life characters, full of love and longing for life. Pour a glass of iced white wine and the water mist condenses on the clear glass, generating environment filled with cute and full of energy! Filling full of joy when looking to the left and right, then, happily drank the glass!

  • Inspired Alsace's wine glass with Hansi art piece.
  • Serve for both decor collection or wedding parties and joyful romantic candlelight dining.
  • Best for Alsace traditional main grape varieties: Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noit.
  • Perfect for weddings, parties, bar, barbecues and picnics. An amazing gift for you or your friends too.
    • Made by Lead-free glass.
    • 65mm x 163mm (2.6" x 5.4").
    • 320g (11.29oz).
    • 155ml (5.25oz).
    CARE & USE


    • Hand-wash.

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