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ZIGGi 3D Illusion Desk Lamp


A set of LED lamp teases your mind into thinking they have 3D lamp shades. The design philosophy is all about reimagining everyday objects with a cool and creative difference! We are committed to producing original products that aim to alter your perception of space and form by using 3D shapes as the basis of our 2D designs.

ZIGGi uses flat LED as illuminating elements. The lamp is made from a thick and strong sheet of acrylic glass that has been accurately laser engraved to create a classic lampshade silhouette. By etching dozens of intricate lines onto the acrylic sheet, we are able to create a sense of dimensionality, as LED light travels through the lines illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion.

  • Made by acrylic, cast iron & wood.
  • 220mm x 145mm x 420mm (8.7" x 5.7" x 16.5").
  • 430g (15.17oz).
  • 4W, 9 LED light source at 2700 - 3000K color temperature.
  • USB input voltage DC 5V 1.0A.


  • Wipe lamp using a soft, dry cloth.

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