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Refurbished Modern Home Sits On Ancient "Stone Respect"

by Joseph Lo November 18, 2021

Refurbished Modern Home Sits On Ancient "Stone Respect"


In the community of Noutigos in Spain, this project by Dom Arquitectura is located near the river. The goal of the design is to preserve the original volume of the historic home while carrying out the refurbishment. The original stone front was preserved, and the old windows were rebuilt with chestnut wood. We recommend installing two windows to the south wall to suit the view and natural light needs of this unique geographical position. Iron is used to construct the new windows. The frame holds the glass in place, and it stands out against the original chestnut-decorated window frame.




Due to years of humidity, the little stones used to construct the south façade had to be replastered and restored. We used the procedure of erecting huge stones around the window and cleaned the first and second levels regularly. The entry garden's restored stone path, wooden chairs, Albizia tree, ivy, and lavender welcome guests pleasantly, despite their simplicity.





The inside is a stone wall that has been renovated. The bottom layer is formed of ochre mortar, which is also used to make skirting boards of various heights that may be utilized to conceal broken stone and adapt to the interior space's decorative ways. Finally, using ochre mortar and stone hues, a harmonious interior decorating is created.




The dining room, kitchen, and living area are all connected on the ground level by an open space with a continuous traffic flow line.



On the first floor, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Glazed clay is used to create the floor slab.




The area opened up on the second floor's roof was previously used for hanging clotheslines, but it has now been transformed into a totally open space with natural light projected via the skylight and a little terrace carved out that connects the breathtaking scenery Finisterre and Carnota Bay. A pleasant room is created by focusing on stone, maintaining the original architectural components in the structure, and integrating them with the modern open plan, light, and home furniture.









Photograph by Victor Solis.

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