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Massive Reinforced Concrete Shell Blends The Nature In Japan

by Joseph Lo November 18, 2021

Massive Reinforced Concrete Shell Blends The Nature In Japan


"In the forest, a massive shell-like building has created. I'm not sure what the structure is, but it's certainly not a part of the natural environment (rocks and caves). It is not a ruin in the traditional sense. A portion of a structure built for a different function in a completely different location. It has floors, partitions, furnishings, and so on, and I live in it... It's like an indigenous dweller in a science fiction film living in the debris of a wrecked spaceship. However, the building has been there for a long time, so by ignoring it, the trees grow and integrate into the environment perfectly."



Kotaro Ide from Artechnic Architects created this scenario because the structure has been utilized for a long time and he wanted it to merge into the countryside as a part of nature without rotting (along with the image of a concrete shell floating on the surface of the earth).





Blending into the land, Kataro believe that it does not imply assimilating as if it decays, but only if it continues to exist indefinitely. If you use it comfortably and regularly, especially in the case of a villa, he believe it will ultimately blend in.






This region in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan is low temperatures and its excessive humidity creates a severe environment. As a result, many traditional-style residence houses are deteriorating. Despite the fact that concrete is often avoided in the region, its use and the lifting construction have assisted the villa in protecting itself from dampness.





This villa is a location for recreation and living on weekends, and it does not need significant functions. This is a place for the mind to unwind and refresh. It must be interwoven with nature to create a landscape that will keep you entertained throughout the day.


What Kataro wanted to design was a structure that looks like modern sculptures, enriching the surrounding landscape while also seamlessly incorporating nature into its interior area.














Photograph by Nacasa & Partners.

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